Windows Vista Hardware Assessment 2.1 for Windows 10


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Windows Vista Hardware Assessment is a free application prepared by the developers of Microsoft. The program is used to validate and test computers for compliance with the specifications of Windows Vista. The application can be used to keep records of hardware and software. Importantly, the program can run on one station and scan the computers on your local network. When it does not require installation of any additional components or clients to individual units. Windows Vista Hardware Assessment scan results are placed in two files. The first is an Excel document that contains details and results of the scan, the second document is a Word file containing the summary. To work, the application requires a database server Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Express. The program is free, you need to store the collected data. In addition, the library must have a Primary Interop Assemblies for Office. It can be downloaded from Microsoft (version XP, 2003 and 2007).